Letter from Political Prisoners

A group of political prisoners currently being unlawfully detained in at La Modelo prison just outside of Managua managed to smuggle a letter out of the prison, which they had written on August 28, 2019. It was published by Nicaragua Investiga on August 30, 2018. Click to enlarge the photos and view the English translation below.

Page 1: Beloved people of Nicaragua, international organizations and human rights organizations. We write with the sole purpose of expressing our total repudiation of the unjust conviction of Glen Slate and Brandon Lovo Taylor (Gahona case) by orders of the Government of Nicaragua have been blamed for a crime they did not commit. Today the government has been demonstrated to be blatantly corrupt, along with the Supreme Court of Justice and the judges who dare to destroy the life of the people without caring about anything. In view of this, we inform the Government of Nicaragua, our people, the international organizations that we, the political prisoners of the La Modelo prison system, who live under constant threats, without any fear, will begin an indefinite hunger strike from this very moment until we obtain our just release regardless of the consequences. We also demand the entrance to the penitentiary system of the international organizations UN (United Nations), OAS (Organization of American States), CIDH (InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights) and defense lawyers.

Page 2: We are especially grateful to the rest of the inmate population, who are housed in other parts of the prison. Thank you for your support, and we want to tell them that we need their support today more than ever.

We categorically ask the people of Nicaragua to intensify the struggle out on the streets in every department and municipality or community. Do not fear this oppressive regime. [The regime is a] murderer [and] human rights’ violator. [The regime] has no respect for laws nor for the Nicaraguan people.

We have lost our fear and we are willing to give our lives for our nation and for liberty. We ask that you do the same and that you don’t allow us to be broken by this tyranny.

People of Nicaragua, it is time to wake up. Today, praying is not enough. Free or dead.

Political prisoners of Nicaragua.

We have lost our fear. Long live a free Nicaragua.

Page 3: Attentively: Managua, Matagalpa, Bluefields, Carazo, Tipitapa, Sebaco [where prisoners are from in Nicaragua]

Political prisoners of Nicaragua