Sign Petitions

Sign official petitions to the Canadian government:

E-1740 (Human Rights) – Open for signatures until October 19, 2018

E-1800 (Nicaragua) – Open for signatures until December 14, 2018

E-1804 (Foreign Policy) – Open for signatures until November 29, 2018

Other actions:

Freedom for Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

Canada: Take action on the Humanitarian Crisis & Government Oppression in Nicaragua

Urge the Nicaraguan government to release student leaders, activists, and protesters

Free Amaya Coppens and other political prisoners in Nicaragua

Freedom now for Edwin Carcache!

Petición para no detener las sanciones al régimen de Nicaragua

Take Action for Amaya Coppens

Demand that the Nicaraguan government guarantee the right to defend human rights and the exercise of freedom of expression

Nicaragua: Over 130 people remain in detention